Resham lashes out at Sakina Samo, calls her ‘hypocrite’

LAHORE: Pakistani film star Resham found herself in a heated exchange with TV actress Sakina Samo, who had criticized the government of Pakistan for honouring Resham and actor-singer Ali Zafar with the prestigious Pride of Performance award in 2021.

During an episode of The Talk Talk Show with Hassan Choudary, Resham responded to Samo’s previous statements, labeling her as a ‘hypocrite.’

Despite feeling hurt by Samo’s criticism, the Jeeva actress chose to remain silent due to their past pleasant interactions while working together in a play.

The accomplished actress passionately defended her achievements, asserting that the recognition was a result of her decades-long dedication and hard work in the film industry.

“I would not like to talk about her… Such people are hypocrites,” Resham said, expressing her disappointment in Samo’s change of stance.

She questioned why Samo felt upset about her receiving the prestigious award. Resham emphasised that she has always shown respect to her seniors and colleagues in the industry.

In 2021, Resham, along with other actors, was honored with the Pride of Performance award.

Samo’s criticism during a media interview caused quite a stir, as she had said, “I personally believe the choice for Pride of Performance is becoming increasingly simple and easy and as a result, a number of personalities who have dedicated their entire careers like Uzma Gillani often go unnoticed. It is sad that the government has given such a huge award to people like Resham and Ali Zafar, who in my opinion, don’t really deserve it,”.

Unfazed by the criticism, the Nigar Award recipient expressed her happiness and gratitude for the recognition and mentioned that her achievement was acknowledged and congratulated by media fraternity.

The talented actress, however, has not been without controversies. In September 2022, she faced backlash for discarding plastic bags into a river, leading audiences to criticize her actions as ‘naïve.’ She later issued an apology on social media for her actions.

In March 2023, the Swaarangi actress stirred up further controversy by stating that depression doesn’t exist, which sparked outrage among netizens, who deemed her statement ‘insensitive’ and ‘non-sensical.

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