The Barbenheimer box office showdown


The Barbenheimer showdown results are in.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, both globally released on the same day July 21, were placed in opposition at the box office. Team Barbie and Team Oppenheimer fans voted with their ticket purchase in cinemas worldwide.

The movies could not be further apart in content. However, the Barbenheimer phenomenon began circulating social media prior to the simultaneous release of the blockbuster films.

Initially a rivalry, the Barbenheimer phenomenon became an Internet meme. Many suggestions to watch the films as a double feature emerged as their release date approached, as well as what order to watch them in. Performers in both responded by encouraging audiences to watch the films on the same day.

Barbie, starring Margot Robbie as the famous doll and Ryan Gosling as her boyfriend Ken, is a romcom about toys finding their footing in the real world. Oppenheimer, starring Cillian Murphy as the lead, is about the American theoretical physicist and the creation of the atomic bomb.

According to Deadline, Barbie’s debut saw $68 million to $70m at the box office on its opening day. It is shaping up to be the best opening of the year with $150m at 4,243 theatres.

Some estimates place Barbie’s weekend earnings even higher, between $165 and $170m.

Oppenheimer meanwhile witnessed $32m on its opening day and $75m at three days in 3,610 theatres.

Barbie has collected the best previews of the entirety of 2023 with $22.3m. Oppenheimer collected $10.5m in previews.

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