Adil Raja arrested by UK counter-terrorism police

LONDON: Former military officer turned YouTuber, Retired Major Adil Raja was arrested on charges of terrorism by United Kingdom’s (UK) Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE) earlier today.

Security sources stated that Raja was arrested “on suspicion of inciting another person to commit an act of terrorism wholly or partly outside the UK”. He was detained under Section 59 of British Terrorism Act 2000.

The sources confirmed “outside the United Kingdom” in this case means Pakistan, which means Raja was arrested on complaints of incitement of violence or terrorism inside Pakistan.

Pakistani media initially reported that the arrest was made by Scotland in Luton, however reports have now claim that Raja was arrested by the CTPSE unit after a request by UK’s Central Terrorism Command on complaints received from Pakistani state authorities.

Raja’s lawyer Mahtab Aziz confirmed that his client was arrested in relation to the complaints filed by Pakistan authorities.

Raja was arrested at his home without resistance, according to sources. 

In a recorded video interview Raja, who has been granted bail until September 2023, denied the allegations levelled against him.

“I remain fully committed to raising a voice against fascism and for democracy in Pakistan. I will continue to advocate people’s democratic right to peaceful protest as the only way to bring about real change,” he said after his release from police custody. 

To be convicted of a terrorism offence under The Terrorism Act 2000, it must be proven in court that there was an actual or intended threat of serious violence, potentially endangering public safety and although the former spokesman of a retired military officers body might be out on bail, investigation into the terrorism allegations continues.

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