Bilawal promises 20 million homes for flood victims

Bilawl Bhutto

LARKANA: Foreign Minister and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto has pledged to construct 20 million homes for flood victims under the Sindh Peoples’ Housing Scheme.

Addressing a public gathering in Larkana on Friday, Bilawal stressed the need for granting ownership rights to citizens for the houses built under the scheme.

He said that the rights were vital to dispel any uncertainties that might arise in the future.

The PPP leader said that in the wake of skyrocketing inflation, the implementation of the housing initiative would lead to an improvement in the economic conditions of flood victims.

“Houses are valuable assets, and their value will appreciate over time,” he said.

He said that the houses constructed under the scheme have been named after women to foster their empowerment.

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