Caretaker govt vows to hold transparent elections

Murtaza Solangi

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi has said that the caretaker cabinet has underlined the government’s determination to uphold democratic values and hold transparent and fair elections

Speaking at a media briefing after the cabinet meeting,  Solangi expressed his sincere gratitude to all those who facilitated him and the cabinet members.

He said that the caretaker cabinet highlighted the importance of unity and collaboration among the citizens to ensure the country’s progress and development.

Solangi emphasised his commitment to upholding the oath he had taken and vowed to be a staunch advocate for its principles. He stressed that it is imperative for those who have sworn the oath to actively safeguard its integrity and work towards its fulfillment.

Kakar addresses newly inducted interim cabinet

He said that under the leadership of the prime minister, the inaugural session of the cabinet took place, addressing key matters of governance and policy. The cabinet’s decisions were said to reflect the government’s commitment to serving the nation and making important decisions for its betterment.

He said that it was underscored that those who hold positions of authority will be held accountable in accordance with the constitution. The information minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to fulfilling its responsibilities and ensuring that the rule of law prevails.

Solangi shared his perspective on the upcoming electoral process, highlighting the significance of free and transparent elections. He stated that elected representatives must emerge from clean and fair elections to effectively serve the interests of the people.

In a move to promote equality and ensure the rights of citizens of all religions, Solangi stressed that all individuals residing in Pakistan, regardless of their faith, were entitled to equal rights and opportunities.

The information minister underscored the caretaker government’s stance on standing by minorities and marginalised communities. He highlighted the government’s decision to address economic challenges by forming a committee dedicated to economic revival.

During the meeting, he said the caretaker prime minister expressed his determination to cast vote by him and his cabinet members on the first day of elections.

Following the cabinet meeting, he said he held a meeting with the chief election commissioner to discuss election-related matters. Solangi said that the government was ready to collaborate with the election commission to ensure free, fair and transparent elections.

Solangi highlighted the election commission’s pivotal role in conducting elections. He affirmed that the government will act in accordance with the constitution and the law.

He said that the election commission has released a comprehensive schedule for constituency delimitation, a crucial step in the electoral process.

As for the timing of the elections, Solangi clarified that the government has no preference whether elections are held within 90 days or in February. It was the prerogative of the ECP to hold elections.

Addressing the cabinet meeting, he said the prime minister said that efforts will be made to reduce cabinet expenditures. The government’s focus on responsible financial management and resource allocation was highlighted at the meeting, he said.

Solangi addressed the issue of Kashmir, asserting that it will not be ignored and will remain a central concern for the government. He emphasised the government’s commitment to addressing the matter in accordance with international laws.

Addressing the rising prices of petroleum products, Solangi acknowledged the reality of increased inflation due to the surge in petroleum prices. He emphasised the need for effective economic policies to mitigate the impact of these price increases.

Solangi pointed out that providing additional subsidies under the IMF agreement was not possible. The government was committed to financial prudence and maintaining a balanced budget, he said.

Regarding the sale of petroleum products at higher prices, Solangi highlighted that the government cannot bear the burden of buying and selling these products at a loss.

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