Conjunctivitis update: Punjab schools reopened after 4 days

Smog holiday Punjab

LAHORE: After a four-day hiatus, educational operations in institutes across the province resumed on Monday.

The provincial government had declared a four-day holiday for all schools in the province to combat the severe conjunctivitis (commonly known as Pink Eye) outbreak.

Students have been instructed to refrain from shaking hands as a precautionary measure.

The two day holidays in addition to the weekend were given to limit the spread of the virus in schools.

Pink Eye: 15,105 new cases reported in Punjab

Punjab has witnessed a severe surge in pink eye infections as the Primary and Secondary Health Department reported 10,269 cases in just 24 hours.

According to a spokesperson, a total of 394,795 cases of pink eye infections have so far been reported across 36 districts of Punjab.

The Primary and Secondary Healthcare department has advised that conjunctivitis typically resolves on its own within 8 to 10 days.

To reduce the risk of infection and aid in recovery, it is strongly recommended to maintain proper eye hygiene, including regular washing with clean water, protection from intense sunlight, and shielding from dust and dirt.

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