Three suspects in Islamabad schoolgirl gang rape case arrested

School girl rape

ISLAMABAD: Three of the four youths, who allegedly gang-raped schoolgirls in the federal capital’s Sector E-9, have been arrested, The News reported Friday.

The 17-year-old girl was on her way to school when she was kidnapped by the boys at gunpoint, who later gang-raped her.

The Shalimar police have registered a first information report (FIR) under Section 375-A of the Pakistan Penal Code against the four alleged rapists, including Atish, Junaid son of Ansar Mehmood, Afad Malik alias Faadi and Hassan Shakeel. Three, except Hassan, have been arrested.

The case was registered after the victim’s mother, Aaster, lodged a written complaint at the Shalimar Police Station.

The FIR mentioned that the girl left the house for her school at 8am on the day of the incident and returned home at 3:30 pm as usual. The mother told the police that her daughter appeared nervous, while her school uniform seemed scratched and ripped.

Upon inquiry, the girl told her mother about the ordeal she was subjected to. She added that the victim saw one of the suspects, Atish, a friend of her brother, waiting for her a little away from the main gate of the school, as she arrived there.

He then stopped the schoolgirl and trapped her after pretending about an emergency. The suspect took her to a house in village Matiari where three of his friends — residents of the village — including Junaid, Afad and Hassan were present.

Aaster, quoting her daughter, told the police that the prime suspect tortured her along with his friends, slapped her and pulled her hair, and acted inappropriately with her.

When the girl showed resistance, the FIR mentioned, the boys placed a gun on her head and threatened to kill her if she shouted or reacted. They later went on to rape and molest her taking turns, torturing her in the process.

The police, while taking action against the alleged rapists, have taken three suspects into custody, while Hassan is still at large.

The police have, however, claimed to trace his location and would hunt him down within 24 hours.

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