Google opens Pakistan office, Tik Tok next

Google AI

ISLAMABAD: Information Technology (IT) Minister Aminul Haque has said that the IT giant Google has opened its office in Pakistan.

In an informal interview, the IT minister also said that the Ministry of IT is making significant progress and is coming to the final stages of making social media rules. According to Haque, the social media rules, aimed at regulating Pakistan social media platforms, will soon be presented to the cabinet for approval.

The minister emphasized the importance of companies having a physical presence in the country. He stated that companies that do not open their offices in Pakistan should at least have a virtual office to ensure compliance with local regulations.

The popular video sharing app TikTok is also planning to open its office in the country, the minister revealed. This development showcases the growing interest of major tech companies in establishing a local presence in Pakistan.

These developments are expected to bring new economic and technological benefits to the country, while also ensuring better regulatory oversight in the digital sphere.

Earlier, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan in 2022 registered Google as a company in Pakistan.

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