No force can hinder Pakistan’s progress: army chief

Army chief mafia

ISLAMABAD: Army Chief Gen Asim Munir has said that Allah has blessed Pakistan is abundantly blessed and no power in the world can stop it from making progress.

Addressing the Green Pakistan Initiative’s food security seminar, he said that

he emphasized the importance of not losing hope in Allah’s mercy, noting that only unbelievers despair in such circumstances. For Muslims, there are two fundamental approaches: patience during times of adversity and gratitude when experiencing joy.

Gen Munir assured full support from the armed forces, affirming their commitment to wholeheartedly assist in completing this phase. He firmly stated that no power in the world can impede Pakistan’s progress. The nation possesses immense potential that can propel it to the zenith of success.

“Pakistan stands ready to utilise its abundant resources and capabilities to pave the way for a brighter future.”

He praised the efforts of the Green Pakistan Initiative to ensure food security and sustainability in the country. He said that as an organization, “Janafshani assures us to support you wholeheartedly to complete this phase.”

The seminar was organised by the Ministry of Climate Change in collaboration with Janafshani, a non-governmental organisation working on food security and environmental issues.

The seminar brought together experts, policymakers, farmers, and civil society representatives to discuss the challenges and opportunities for food security in Pakistan.

The seminar also featured presentations on best practices and innovations in agriculture, water management, and nutrition.

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