Noor Mukadam’s father appeals to SC to expedite case

Two years later Noor Mukadam's father appeals for justice

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Father of slain Noor Mukadam, former ambassador Shauqat Mukadam, has requested the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) to expedite the case of his daughter’s murder as a matter of great public interest.

He was speaking to a commemorative meeting on Thursday that marked two years since the tragic passing of his daughter.

Prominent activists, lawyers, diplomats, and members of civil society spoke at length about the dire need to counter the ‘femicide epidemic’ rampant in Pakistan.

Mukadam gave a run-down of his two-year-long painful journey that started in July 2020.

He talked about his family’s pursuit for justice, subsequent convictions, and the overwhelming amount of support in Pakistan and across the World.

He also thanked the legal, diplomatic and journalistic fraternities that have supported his family.

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