PM Sharif advises India against using terrorism for point-scoring

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday advised India against using terrorism for diplomatic point-scoring, asserting that acts of terror continue to pose a significant obstacle to regional peace.

The prime minister addressed the 23rd meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Council of Heads of State (CHS), which was virtually hosted by India under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During his address, the prime minister acknowledged that SCO members share a common interest in ensuring peace and stability in the region, a prerequisite for economic progress worldwide.

“The multi-faceted threat of terrorism and extremism, whether perpetrated by individuals, societies, or states, must be vigorously and unequivocally combated,” stated the prime minister.

“Any inclination to employ [terrorism] as a means of diplomatic advantage must be unequivocally rejected. Terrorism, in all its manifestations, including state-sponsored terrorism, must be denounced in no uncertain terms.”

PM Shehbaz emphasised that the killing of innocent individuals cannot be justified, irrespective of the cause or pretext.

“Similarly, religious minorities should never be vilified in the pursuit of domestic political agendas,” he remarked.

The PM also highlighted Pakistan’s significant sacrifices in the battle against terrorism, underlining that militancy continues to afflict the region and constitutes a significant impediment to achieving peace.

“The SCO countries must take immediate and collective measures […] against terrorism, extremism, and separatism,” stressed the prime minister, while emphasising that it is the responsibility of all member states.

Modi urges SCO to unite against terrorism

Earlier, Indian PM Modi expressed in his address that the SCO should join forces to combat terrorism and should not hesitate to condemn nations that support acts of terror.

Modi also urged leaders of the Eurasian political and security alliance to work towards the betterment of Afghanistan and provide humanitarian assistance to Kabul.

In the virtual summit of SCO leaders, Modi stated that Afghanistan’s territory should not be allowed to become a base for destabilising its neighbouring countries.

Russia, China, and Pakistan are among the other nations participating in the meeting.

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