Punjab schools to educate students on sexual abuse

sexual abuse

LAHORE: Punjab’s Department of School Education has issued directives to all provincial educational authorities to educate students on child abuse, including sexual abuse.

The decision has been made amid rising cases of sexual abuse against children in Punjab.

The notification, issued by the department states that teachers will conduct lectures on the prevention of violence.

According to the notification, students will be taught about ways to protect themselves. Moreover, students will be actively encouraged to share any information regarding violence against children within schools.

Schools are required to submit a report to the department by the July 25 regarding the actions taken in this regard.

Read more: Raping of boys more prevalent in Punjab

Earlier this month, a report issued by the Punjab Interior Department revealed a significant rise in rape cases against boys compared to those against girls.

As per the data collected from January to June 15, 2023, the proportion of reported rape cases against boys stands at a staggering 69 per cent, while cases involving girls account for 31 per cent, as per a Jang news report.

The report highlights Gujranwala as the hotspot for such cases which examplifies underscoring the severity of the issue in the province.

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