Up to 100,000 people moved due to Punjab floods

LAHORE: As the Sutlej River in Punjab continued to experience high-level floods at the Sulemanki Headworks, approximately 3,000 individuals were relocated to safer areas along with their livestock, Radio Pakistan reported.

Meanwhile, AFP reported that up to 100,000 people from flood-hit villages across Punjab have been transferred to safer places.

The Punjab Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Director General Imran Qureshi confirmed the evacuation efforts and stated that over 700 rescue personnel were actively engaged in flood-hit regions, with 58 functional medical camps providing assistance.

The PDMA issued an official statement, indicating that a high-level flood was occurring at the Sulemanki Headworks, with a water flow of 155,330 cusecs. Meanwhile, the water flow at Ganda Singh Wala Barrage receded from a high-level flood to medium, reaching 118,652 cusecs. The PDMA cautioned about rapidly rising water levels at the Islam Headworks, with a water flow of 73,559 cusecs, and predicted a high-level flood at Islam Headworks within the next 24 hours.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) also issued a forecast, warning of sharp peaks of medium to high-level floods at the Mangla Dam from August 24-25 and the possibility of increased flows in the Sutlej River due to water releases from India. The forecast further predicted scattered to widespread wind-thunderstorm/rain of moderate intensity with isolated heavy falls over the upper catchments of major rivers.

In response to the forecasted flood situation, the PDMA directed local authorities to ensure round-the-clock staffing, removal of settlements along the Sutlej River, operational breaching sites, and maintained readiness of emergency response personnel and equipment, including Rescue 1122.

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