Utility store prices for flour, sugar exceed market rates

Utility store

LAHORE: Sugar and flour available at utility stores in Lahore are being sold at higher prices compared to the market, leading to deserted stores.

At utility stores, the price of a 10 kg flour bag for general consumers is set at Rs1500, while the same bag is available in the market for up to Rs900. For Benazir Income Support Programme users, flour is available at Rs648 at utility stores.

Similarly, for general consumers, the price of sugar per kilogramme at utility stores is Rs155, while in the market, it is Rs145 per kilogramme. For Benazir Programme users, the price of sugar is Rs109 per kilogramme. Since Ramadan, the supply of sugar has been halted.

Due to higher prices compared to the market, general consumers have stopped visiting utility stores. Now, only registered users of the Benazir Program come here, and they also have complaints.

To buy cheaper flour and ghee from utility stores, purchasing other general items is also mandatory.

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