WASA Lahore adopts solar energy to cut electricity expenses

solar energy

LAHORE: The Provincial Secretary of Housing, Sajid Zafar Dall, undertook a visit to the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) head office on Monday, marking the inauguration of a cutting-edge 70-KW solar power plant.

This strategic move is expected to result in substantial monthly savings of approximately Rs2 million for WASA Lahore in terms of electricity expenses.

Expanding the initiative, solar systems were successfully installed at the Mehmood Booti Disposal Station and the Multan Road Disposal Station.

During the visit, MD WASA Ghafran Ahmed presented an elaborate overview of various projects undertaken by WASA, encompassing SCADA, GIS, solarisation, revenue, and IT reforms in Lahore.

A comprehensive briefing was also provided on preparedness for the upcoming monsoon season and ongoing projects, such as the Digital Complaint Management System.

Secretary Housing, in acknowledgment of the commendable IT reforms implemented by WASA Lahore, expressed his steadfast commitment to extending similar reforms across all WASA offices in Punjab.

He highlighted the phased transition of all WASA Lahore offices to solar power, demonstrating a proactive approach towards sustainable energy solutions.

In addition to the official proceedings, Secretary Housing and MD WASA Ghafran Ahmed visited the Digital Complaint Management Centre in Gulberg, further underscoring the commitment to streamlined and efficient public service initiatives.

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