Ali Mohammad Khan: PTI’s fight was never against establishment or institutions

Ali Mohammad Khan

ISLAMABAD: Senior leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Ali Mohammad Khan has said that politics done by PTI has always been guided by principles rather than compromise or conciliation.

Speaking during an appearance on the Pakistan Tonight with Syed Samara Abbas program on HUM News, Ali Mohammad Khan acknowledged that while fair and transparent elections allow the people to elect their preferred representatives, Pakistan is currently grappling with numerous challenges.

He stressed the importance of unity during elections to address the country’s issues, stating, “To resolve issues, everyone will have to come together and unite at one point during the elections.”

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Ali Mohammad Khan also clarified that PTI’s struggle is not directed against institutions but against the pressing problems of inflation and unemployment. He advocated for PTI’s inclusion in political discussions for the sake of democracy and the nation’s interests, citing PTI as the largest political party in the country.

Regarding the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Ali Mohammad Khan noted a lack of clarity. “Zardari says something else, Bilawal says something else, there is a divide in Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), whereas the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has not clarified its stance on the upcoming elections,” he said.

Meanwhile,  Khan dismissed the possibility of boycotting the elections at this juncture, affirming that PTI is actively preparing, and arrangements for ticket distribution are currently in progress, with plans to accelerate the process.

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