Apple to unveil ‘Apple Intelligence’ with Dynamic AI Processing at WWDC 2024

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2024

Apple is set to introduce a new AI system named ‘Apple Intelligence’ during its upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2024), which will enhance iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The launch will take place at 10 AM (Pakistan Time).

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According to Bloomberg, these AI features will prioritise privacy and broad usability, distinguishing Apple’s approach from that of companies like OpenAI, which are more focused on chatbots.

The new system will integrate “beta” AI features across Apple’s devices and apps, and will include a ChatGPT-like chatbot powered by OpenAI.

The Verge said that unlike other companies that are exploring AI for image or video generation, Apple will focus on AI-driven summarisation, automated reply suggestions, and a significant update to Siri, aimed at giving it more comprehensive app control and broad appeal.

Bloomberg’s report highlights that Apple will leverage its proprietary technology along with OpenAI’s tools to implement these AI features. An algorithm will decide if tasks can be processed on-device or need to be sent to a cloud server, ensuring optimal performance.

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This system may utilise Apple’s M2 chips in data centres equipped with Secure Enclave technology to ensure that remote data processing remains as secure as on-device processing.

To mitigate security concerns, Apple will not create user profiles based on data and will issue reports to verify that user information is neither sold nor read.

This stands in contrast to Microsoft’s recent announcement of Copilot Plus PCs, which include a controversial AI-powered feature that stores local screenshots for a searchable Recall function. This feature has faced criticism for potential security risks.

For those interested in Apple’s new AI capabilities, Bloomberg notes that they will require devices with at least an M1 chip for iPad or Mac users.

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On the mobile side, the features may be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro or upcoming iPhone 16 models expected later this year. Importantly, Apple will allow users to opt into these new AI features, rather than making them mandatory.

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