Samsung introduces its first 61.44TB SSD

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WEB DESK: Samsung has announced the launch of its first 60TB Solid State Drive (SSD), marking a significant leap in storage capacity for enterprise applications.

This new high-capacity SSD, designed specifically for enterprise use, is not intended for general consumers. The company also revealed that the technological advancements in its new controller could pave the way for 120TB SSDs in the future.

The new 61.44TB variant of the Samsung PM1743 SSD, as reported by Blocks & Files, represents a substantial increase from the previous maximum capacity of 32TB offered by Samsung’s SSDs. This latest model will compete directly with similar high-capacity enterprise SSDs from Solidigm and Western Digital.

PM1743 features Samsung’s 176-layer 7th Generation V-NAND (3D NAND) QLC memory, along with a proprietary controller. It delivers impressive sequential read speeds of 7.2GBps and sequential write speeds of up to 2.0GBps.

The drive is also capable of 1,600,000 random read and 110,000 random write IOPS, with an endurance rating of 0.26 drive writes per day (DWPD) over a five-year period.

Form factors and availability

This new SSD will be available in several form factors to cater to different server requirements. These include the U.2 and PCIe 4.0 x4 formats, as well as the E3.S form factor for PCIe 5.0 x4 interfaces, which are designed for high-storage-density machines.

While specific pricing and power consumption details have not yet been disclosed, similar drives are reportedly priced around $7,000.

Market position and competition

Samsung’s introduction of the 60TB SSD positions it ahead of its primary competitors, as Kioxia, Micron, and SK Hynix have yet to release SSDs in this capacity range. This gives Samsung a strategic advantage in the high-capacity enterprise storage market, where demand for large, reliable storage solutions continues to grow.

With the launch of the 61.44TB PM1743 SSD, Samsung has once again demonstrated its innovation and leadership in the memory and storage industry.

This new drive not only offers a significant boost in capacity and performance but also sets the stage for even larger storage solutions in the future.

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