UFOs spotted near major US city, famed for ‘shapeshifting creature’


MASSACHUSETTS: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been sighted in close proximity to an urban center within the United States, which is also recognised for its association with the legendary swamp entity known as the Pukwudgie.

According to the Mirror, the flying orbs (UFOs) were reportedly observed in an area situated approximately 50 miles to the south of Boston, Massachusetts, specifically within the region known as the Bridgewater Triangle. The locale has gained notoriety for its history of inexplicable “supernatural” occurrences between the towns of Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown.

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The Pukwudgie, a mythical creature renowned for its ability to assume different forms, has held a prominent place in the imagination of local inhabitants. With its origins rooted in Native American mythology, the Pukwudgie is characterised as “small people,” as articulated by Matt Moniz, an analytical chemist.

Illustration of Pukwudgie

Meanwhile, during an investigation by Paul beban and Andrew Bustamante in their series on the History channel Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, Moniz explained that many reported sightings of the Pukwudgie by the Algonquian communities living in the swampy area of the Bridgewater Triangle.

“This entity possesses the capacity to entice individuals into wooded areas employing luminous orbs or through auditory beckoning, wherein the creature’s voice calls out follow me, follow my light, follow my voice,” Moniz added.

He further said that these entities were also recognised as “soul-stealers” and are reputed to possess the ability to alter their form.

As per the reports, the research team, during their nocturnal investigation, unexpectedly encountered an additional phenomenon of UFO activity. Resultantly, the team conducted a thorough exploration of the marshland zone by utilising drones and infrared technology to identify areas of elevated heat.

The reports said that during the investigation, the team detected a disturbance in the magnetic field and located an underground structure emitting a substantial heat signature. After a quick recharge, the drone was sent back, but the magnetic interference persisted, manifesting as malfunctioning compasses. Almost immediately, mobile orbs of illuminated motion materialised.

A team member exclaimed, “What’s that over there? That one right there.” Another team member added, “It’s remarkably luminous, and it appears to be penetrating the treeline.” According to a report from The US Sun, these observations transpired as documented during the investigation.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, recent attention was drawn to a perplexing green fireball captured by a Ring doorbell camera, which sparked conjecture about extraterrestrial involvement within a quiet township. While it has been identified as a meteoric event, as the object burned upon entry into Earth’s atmosphere, certain local residents expressed the belief that the appearance more closely resembled that of a UFO descending onto a nearby street.

As per the media, the recorded footage showcased the vibrant green luminosity filling the nocturnal sky behind a neighboring residence before rapidly vanishing. This event was recorded in Gretna, situated to the south of New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States, transpiring around 4:30 AM on the 14th of July.

Numerous inhabitants from adjacent areas, including Madisonville and Eunice, also documented their observations regarding UFOs.

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