One more stumble for Biden while ascending Air Force One

HELSINKI: United States President Joe Biden stumbled while boarding Air Force One, despite using a less a challenging staircase this time in Helsinki, Finland.

In a video shared by New York Post, the 80-year-old president, halfway up the 14-step staircase connected to the presidential plane, he took a misstep and appeared to brace himself for impact before quickly recovering.

Biden turned and waved to onlookers at Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport as Air Force One prepared to depart for Joint Base Andrews, following meetings with Nordic leaders after a two-day NATO summit in Lithuania.

According to New York Post, Biden has been observed boarding Air Force One using a shorter set of stairs since taking a hard fall at the Air Force Academy in Colorado last month after he tripped over a sandbag during a graduation ceremony.

The latest stumble appears to be at least the fourth time the US president has taken a fall while trying to board Air Force One.

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