Human skull found in Goodwill donation box “skull shocks” everyone

human skull

ARIZONA: In a surprising turn of events, local authorities were summoned to a Goodwill store following a startling discovery made by one of its employees.

According to media reports, upon opening a donation bin, the employee was met with an unexpected sight—an actual human skull.

This unsettling find occurred on September 5 at one of the store’s branches. Fortunately, the skull was never put up for sale on the store’s shelves. Instead, it was immediately seized by local law enforcement, who launched an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the skull’s presence. Authorities sought to determine whether it had been acquired through illicit means.

Upon closer examination, it was revealed that the skull was nestled among other taxidermied items and possessed a ‘historical’ nature. Regrettably, no identifying information accompanied the skull.

A photograph shared by the Goodyear Police Department showcased the aged skull, complete with some upper teeth still intact and a false eye placed in the left socket. Local shoppers expressed their astonishment at the discovery, with one remarking, “It’s creepy! That’s crazy we come here all the time.”

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Meanwhile, Goodyear Police provided preliminary insights from discussions with the Medical Examiner’s Office, suggesting that the human skull lacked forensic significance, implying an absence of foul play.

Nevertheless, numerous questions surrounding its origin, the donor’s identity, and the presence of security cameras prompted authorities to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

The reports indicated that residents in the vicinity of the Arizona-based store, situated near Sarival Avenue and Yuma Road, were taken aback by the unusual discovery. One shopper remarked, “I’ve never found anything remotely close to that. That’s really scary.”

However, Lisa Berry from the Goodyear Police Department revealed that the skull had been transported to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Although, this incident may be attributed to an enthusiast of unconventional art forms, such as taxidermy, it is worth noting a recent viral sensation involving an amateur taxidermist.

Jessie Gillespie, a farmer from Seattle, Washington, gained widespread attention for her unique creation—a phone case crafted from the tail of a rat, complete with a “wrist strap.” This peculiar item garnered mixed reactions from social media users, raising questions about the boundaries of artistic expression and upcycling practices.

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