In Switzerland, an artist uses mountain slopes as his canvas

VILLARS-SUR-OLLON: On mountain slopes in the Swiss village of Villars-sur-Ollon, an artist has used chalk and charcoal to paint two giant frescos of children sketching how they see the vast world around them.

The frescos, which are painted directly on the grass and can last days depending on weather conditions, show a young boy and girl tracing squiggly lines on sketchpads to depict mountains, trees, stars and the moon.

Swiss-French artist SAYPE said his frescos — which at around 3,000 square metres (3,590 square yards) can be seen from the mountaintop and nearby pastures — symbolize the need to reject uniformity and embrace different perspectives.

“The children are on different altitudes, so they are drawing different things,” SAYPE said. “Even if they are at different altitudes, the two worlds they are drawing complement each other.”

SAYPE is mostly known for his “Beyond Walls” series in which he has spray painted giant hands clasping each other on the ground in different cities around the world, including Berlin, Paris, Istanbul and Cape Town. Reuters

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