Consumer concerns rise as Utility Stores increase sugar prices

Sugar price

WEB DESK: In a significant move, the government-operated Utility Stores Corporation (USC) increased the price of sugar by Rs8 per kilogramme (kg) on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, the USC faced a sugar shortage, prompting efforts to purchase 40,000 tonnes of sugar, according to reports.

As reported by ARY News, insiders familiar with the situation confirmed that the USC has immediately raised the price of subsidised sugar by Rs8 per kg.

Following this hike, the cost of sugar for the general public has surged to Rs155 per kg.

However, individuals registered in the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) will be able to purchase sugar at a subsidised rate of Rs109 per kg.

It’s noteworthy that previously, sugar was available at Rs101 per kg at the utility stores.

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Concurrently, the authorities are conducting a major crackdown against hoarders nationwide. According to official data, a total of 5,112 metric tonnes of fertiliser, 2,366 metric tonnes of flour, and 6,994 metric tonnes of sugar have been recovered across the country.

In the largest province of Pakistan, Punjab, law enforcement agencies retrieved 31.75 metric tonnes of fertiliser and 4.535 metric tonnes of sugar as part of the ongoing efforts against hoarding.

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