Members of Russian election commission arrive in Islamabad

Elections 2024
  • The Russian delegation is in the capital to observe general elections

ISLAMABAD: Moscow’s interest in Pakistan’s democratic process has been underscored by the arrival of key Russian officials, Vladimir Chezhov, the first deputy chairman of the Defense and Security Committee (Senate), and Igor Borisov, a member of Russia’s Central Election Commission.

A social media post by journalist and analyst Ihsanullah Tipu Mehsud said on Thursday, “Russia’s first deputy chairman of the Defense and Security Committee (Senate), Vladimir Chezhov and member of Russia’s Central Election Commission, Igor Borisov have arrived in Pakistan to observe the upcoming general elections: Russian Embassy in Pakistan”

The arrival of the delegation signals a significant diplomatic engagement between the two nations.

PTA assures uninterrupted internet access on election day

This delegation’s mission is to foster the growing bilateral ties and mutual interest in promoting transparency and stability in electoral processes. Their involvement is expected to enhance international scrutiny and contribute to the credibility of Pakistan’s democratic exercise.

Yesterday, an eight-member election observer group from the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, led by Chairman Andrey Maximov, visited the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Presence of such delegations will also fostering diplomatic relations through mutual cooperation and exchange in various fields, including governance and democracy.

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