2,000 govt schools closed in Rawalpindi for past ten days due to teachers strike

PEF schools

RAWALPINDI: All government schools in Rawalpindi have been closed for the past ten days due to ongoing due to strikes by government employees against the Punjab government’s decision to privatise educational institutions.

Teachers across Punjab are demanding that the government withdraw its privatisation plans, as they argue that this will lead to job losses for teachers and a decline in the quality of education.

The closure of government schools is affecting the education of around 0.2 million to 0.3 million children.

Clear skies after rain: Punjab schools will not be closed this Wednesday

The protesting teachers have also demanded that the government withdraw its decision to amend pension rules.

The demonstrators have pledged to persist in their protest until their demands receive approval.

Meanwhile, as these employees head to Lahore for an indefinite sit-in, the educational system in all government schools and the day-to-day operations of all 30 public departments have remained disrupted throughout the entire week.


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