AI technologies could disrupt multiple job sectors, report warns 

WEB DESK: A recent report by Business Insider has identified eight job sectors most likely to be affected by artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The jobs at risk span a wide range of industries, from technology and media to legal services and education.

According to the report, AI technologies like ChatGPT could potentially displace roles in tech jobs such as coders, software developers, data analysts, and computer programmers. The AI’s ability to produce code faster than humans could lead to work being completed with fewer employees. However, some experts believe that AI will enhance rather than fully replace these jobs.

In the media sector, jobs in advertising, technical writing, journalism, and content creation may also be affected as AI becomes increasingly proficient at producing written content. While AI-generated content is on the rise, experts emphasise that a large part of work done by content creators is not automatable, underlining the enduring need for human judgement.

Legal industry jobs are not immune to this trend. Roles such as paralegals and legal assistants may be affected due to the language-oriented nature of their work. AI’s proficiency at consuming large amounts of information and synthesising it poses a potential threat. However, the necessity for human judgement in understanding client needs suggests that these roles will not be entirely replaced by AI.

Market research analysts, who are responsible for identifying trends within data, could also face disruption as AI technologies improve in analysing data and predicting outcomes.

Even educators could see their roles evolve. While AI can be utilised in teaching and lesson planning, the human connection inherent in teaching remains indispensable.

The finance industry, particularly roles of financial analysts and personal financial advisors, could also be impacted. AI’s ability to identify market trends and forecast investment mixes might automate parts of these jobs.

Stock market traders and other such industry roles could see AI automate select tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

The graphic design industry could also face disruption from AI tools that can generate images, posing a potential economic challenge.

While this report identifies potential job disruptions from AI, it also emphasises that AI is unlikely to fully replace these roles. Instead, AI could automate certain tasks, potentially leading to increased productivity. As AI continues to evolve, the impact on various industries will undoubtedly be a key area to watch. 


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