All-New Honda CG125: Old wine in new bottle

Honda CG125

ISLAMABAD: Atlas Honda has launched the ‘all-new’ 2024 CG125. On the surface, the only change in the latest model is the new sticker design.

To emphasize that this ancient bike is, in fact, brand new, the company has gone through the trouble of mentioning “77 improvements” in the new model. The changes include:

  • Increased compression ratio
  • Upgraded carburetor design with better airflow
  • Upgraded pistons
  • Refreshed crank-shaft assembly
  • Redesigned head and cylinder
  • Revised combustion chamber design
  • New gear-oil pump drive
  • New gear timing drive
  • Reinforced engine mounting points

On the surface, these changes imply that the reliability and performance of the new model will be slightly better. However, they don’t really mean anything and will not result in any meaningful differences between the old and new model. Don’t be fooled.

The company has not increased the prices of its bikes for a while, which means CG125 standard and SE cost Rs. 234,900 and Rs. 282,900 respectively.

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Atlas Honda has been in Pakistan for several decades and is the biggest bike manufacturer by production and sales volume. Despite that, the company sells bare-bones museum pieces to this day.

Atlas Honda has been announcing multiple price hikes, even though it claims that its bike manufacturing is 90% localized. Despite that, the demand for its bikes remains strong due to a lack of choice for buyers.

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