Imran Khan ready for negotiations: Barrister Gohar

Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar has announced that PTI founder Imran Khan was open to negotiations and forgiving past grievances.

Speaking to the media outside Adiala Jail, Barrister Gohar said that Imran Khan conveyed this readiness during a recent meeting with his lawyers, though he mentioned that his communication with his sons remains discontinued.

He said that Imran Khan emphasised that he was prepared to forgive and engage in dialogue and let’s pave the way for negotiations.

He said that Khan has reiterated his commitment to discussions within the framework of the constitution and the law.

Barrister Gohar said that negotiations would be started after Pashtunkhawa Mili Awami Party chief Mahmood Khan Achakzai into confidence as he was their ally.

He said that PTI intends to start these talks independently, while also ensuring that Achakzai and other parties were consulted and involved.

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Barrister Gohar underscored that negotiation was the only viable option, and PTI has always been open to dialogue. He noted that recent developments indicate a thawing of tensions and stressed that their offer for negotiation should not be misconstrued as a deal.

In response to a query, the PTI chairman clarified that Imran Khan has not written to the Supreme Court regarding negotiations, but the PTI will respond to the court’s suggestion for dialogue.

It is noteworthy that PTI has maintained that Imran Khan is open to discussions with all parties except for the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, the Pakistan People’s Party and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan.

PTI leaders have also stated their preference for negotiating with those who hold actual power rather than the current government.

Earlier, Prime Minister’s Adviser Rana Sanaullah stated that the government was willing to negotiate with the PTI provided Imran Khan restrained his rhetoric.

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