Landmark ruling by IHC grants reprieve to MDCAT 2022 students


ISLAMABAD: In a significant legal victory, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) has handed down a ruling in favor of students, affirming the validity of MDCAT 2022 results for the next two years.

The verdict, delivered by Justice Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb, comes in response to a case filed by petitioner Laiba Raouf, who successfully cleared the MDCAT examination in November 2022.

The petitioner, acting in accordance with the law at the time of her exam, asserted the two-year validity period for the MDCAT results. The challenge was mounted against the public notice issued by PMDC on July 14, 2023, which declared candidates who passed their exams in 2022 ineligible for MBBS admissions.

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The court, siding with the petitioner, emphasized that, according to the 2021 regulations, the MDCAT results from November 22 are valid for a period of two years. The ruling firmly asserted that administrative decisions made subsequently cannot nullify the rights of the petitioner.

Consequently, the petitioner’s result remains valid until November 2024, with PMDC bearing the associated legal costs.

Notably, Khalil ur Rehman Safi served as the petitioner’s legal representative, navigating the legal complexities of the case.

While this ruling provides students the opportunity to use their MDCAT 2022 scores for admissions in the current year and the following year, the situation remains complex. Many universities have already concluded admissions for the ongoing academic session, leaving affected students in a precarious position.

Despite initial assurances by PMDC that MDCAT 2022 scores would be valid for two years, both the council and universities have been hesitant to accept admissions based on these scores for the current academic session. This inconsistency has sown confusion and frustration among students.

As the situation unfolds, students grapple with uncertainties regarding the practical implications of the court’s decision and how to effectively leverage this opportunity. The primary challenge lies in finding a fair solution to accommodate those students who missed out on admissions this year due to the confusion surrounding MDCAT 2022 results.

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