Pakistan witnesses up to 10 hours of power cuts

ISLAMABAD: The duration of electricity load-shedding across the country has stretched to a staggering 8 to 10 hours, leaving the citizens in a state of despair.

The shortfall of electricity has reached a daunting 6,598 megawatts in the country.

Sources in the Power Division, the government body responsible for managing the country’s power supply, sounded the alarm as the total production of electricity stood at 20,402 MW, while the demand surged to a whooping 27,000 MW.

Sources in the Power Division said that of the total supply, hydropower, a vital component of Pakistan’s energy mix, contributed 6,200 MW. However, the sources said, reliance on hydroelectric power alone was proving insufficient to meet the growing demands of the population.

According the sources, country’s thermal power plants were generating 563 MW and operating at their maximum capacity. The private sector run power plants are generating 9,000 MW. Additionally, wind power plants contribute 1,245 MW.

Even with these combined efforts, the energy crisis still loomed large. Solar power plants, with a production capacity of 100 MW, and nuclear power plants with a capacity of 3,164 MW failed to meet the rising demand.

As Pakistan faced the energy turmoil, the repercussions rippled through the lives of its citizens. The relentless load-shedding disrupt daily routines, plunging homes, offices, and entire neighbourhoods into darkness for hours. Businesses struggle to operate, causing economic losses.

Though the road ahead was challenging, the resolve to overcome obstacles and power Pakistan’s progress burned brightly. With a united vision, the nation forged ahead, leaving behind the dark days of load-shedding and embracing a future illuminated by the transformative power of electricity.

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