Security agency issues threat alert for Baloch protestors in Islamabad

baloch protest

ISLAMABAD: In the wake of an ongoing protest organized by the Baloch Yakjehti Committee (BYC) in front of the National Press Club (NPC), a recent threat alert has been issued by the Intelligence Bureau concerning the safety of the protestors and the overall security scenario in the region.

The BYC protest, which has been underway for over three weeks, is situated near the Red Zone.

Simultaneously, another camp, the Balochistan Shuhada Forum led by Mr. Jamal Racesani, emerged at the opposite end of the same plot in front of the NPC about a week ago.

The Security Agency, in its alert, has highlighted the fluid security situation at the Pakistan-Iran border in Balochistan.

Intelligence reports indicate a potential threat from anti-state elements, terrorist outfits, and militant organisations operating in Balochistan, along with Hostile Intelligence Agencies (HIAs).

The concern is that these entities might attempt to target the protest camps, posing a direct threat to the security and social stability of the country.

Notably, Mr. Jamal Racesani is already identified as being under threat, heightening concerns for his safety.

Moreover, the alert emphasises that the law enforcement officials (LEAs) deployed on various duties could be vulnerable targets in the unfolding scenario.

In response to these imminent threats, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad Capital Territory strongly advises the implementation of all possible measures to enhance security.

The plea includes urging the police and administration to take heightened security measures to protect the lives of the protestors and to preempt any untoward incidents that may arise.

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