The Nun 2 trailer: Valak awakens to haunt you once again!

HOLLYWOOD: The Warner Bros has unveiled the highly-anticipated teaser for The Nun 2, the latest installment in the popular horror franchise, The Conjuring.

Following the success of its predecessor, released in 2018, the sequel will continue the eerie narrative surrounding the demonic nun, Valak, who made her bone-chilling debut in The Conjuring 2 back in 2016.

Fans can rejoice as Bonnie Aarons reprises her role as the Valak, ready to send shivers down the spines once again. Jonas Bloquet will also return to the screen, reprising his role Maurice “Frenchie.” The movie introduces new faces to the Conjuring universe, with Katelyn Rose Downey, Anna Popplewell, and Storm Reid taking on intriguing roles.

Under the skilled direction of Michael Chaves, renowned for his work on horror The Curse of La Llorona (2019) spooky-thriller The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021), the sequel is poised to deliver an electrifying and nerve-wracking experience.

The screenplay, penned by the talented trio of Akela Cooper, Ian Goldberg, and Richard Naing, known for their work in projects like horror-thriller M3GAN (2022) and slasher series Fear the Walking Dead, guarantees a bewitching storyline.

Transporting audiences back to 1956, The Nun 2 delves into the haunting aftermath of a priest’s brutal murder in France. Sister Irene, portrayed by the talented Farmiga, finds herself entangled once again with the nefarious Valak, embarking on a battle between good and evil that reaches unprecedented heights.

James Wan and Peter Safran, the masterminds behind the entire Conjuring universe, lend their producing prowess to the film through their banners, Atomic Monster and The Safran Company, respectively.

Horror enthusiasts, remember to keep the lights on and have your holy water nearby, as Valak’s reign of terror approaches September 8.

Check out the trailer below.

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