AZAL gets nod to commence flights to Pakistan

KARACHI: In a significant development, Pakistan has granted Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) permission to commence flights between Baku and three major cities of Pakistan.

The initial flights will be operated between Baku and Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, bolstering connectivity between the two nations.

The decision was reached following a meeting held on Saturday between Aviation Minister Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Pakistan Khizr Farhadov in Karachi.

The discussion centered around bilateral relations and various matters of mutual interest.

A spokesperson from the Aviation Division confirmed that both Khizr Farhadov and Saad Rafiq agreed on the need to enhance air links between Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

During the meeting, Azerbaijan Airlines was granted permission to operate flights from Baku to Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, opening up new avenues for travel and trade.

The spokesperson said that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Azerbaijan Airlines have also entered into a code-sharing agreement, strengthening their partnership and paving the way for travel experiences for passengers.

Saad Rafiq expressed his optimism regarding the deep-rooted religious, cultural, and fraternal ties that bind Azerbaijan and Pakistan. He highlighted that the increase in air connectivity would not only bolster tourism but also foster trade between the two nations, laying the foundation for a flourishing economic relationship.

The decision to allow Azerbaijan Airlines to operate flights to Pakistan marks a significant milestone in the ever-growing partnership between the two nations. With enhanced air connectivity, it is anticipated that people-to-people exchanges, tourism, and trade will thrive, contributing to the progress and prosperity of both Azerbaijan and Pakistan.

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