CII issues code of conduct for Muharram

The Council of Islamic Ideology

ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has approved an 18-point code of conduct, bearing the signatures of 18 Ulema, for the observance of Muharram.

In a statement, CII Chairman Qibla Ayaz emphasised that it is incumbent upon all citizens to acknowledge the supremacy of the constitution.

He reiterated that every citizen has a duty to uphold their allegiance to the state, ensuring its stability and prosperity.

Ayaz declared that resorting to arms, violence, and disorder shall be deemed an act of rebellion against the state.

He further asserted that no individual has the authority to issue blasphemous fatwas (decrees) upon anyone, including the government, armed forces and other security personnel.

Highlighting the significance of unity and cooperation, Qibla Ayaz urged Ulema and the general populace to wholeheartedly support the security agencies and armed forces in their efforts to maintain peace and order during the Muharram.

He called upon citizens to refrain from participating in movements that foster sectarianism and prejudice, emphasizing the importance of harmony and tolerance in society.

In an effort to curtail the spread of terrorism and hatred, he made it explicitly clear that any form of terrorism promotion or the delivery of hateful speeches in mosques and Imambargahs would not be tolerated.

The comprehensive code of conduct aims at ensuring a peaceful and respectful observance of Muharram across the country.

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