Father, son lose their lives in manhole mishap

ISLAMABAD: A father and his son tragically lost their lives after falling into a manhole in the federal capital on Tuesday.

The unfortunate event unfolded in sector I-10/4, when 15-year-old Abdul Rehman ventured into the manhole in search of a misplaced cricket ball.

Sources told HUM News that upon witnessing his son’s distress, Arshad, the boy’s father, valiantly descended into the manhole in a desperate attempt to rescue him. Tragically, both father and son became ensnared, succumbing to the unforgiving circumstances.

Residents called the Rescue teams and despite the efforts made, it took an estimated half an hour to extricate the trapped victims from the hazardous sewer. By the time they were eventually rescued, their condition had significantly deteriorated. Urgently, they were transported to a nearby hospital, but their lives could not be saved.

Preliminary investigations have indicated that suffocation emerged as the primary cause of death in this heart-wrenching incident.


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