Multiple arrests in drugs busts across Pakistan: ANF

ISLAMABAD: The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) has executed a series of operations targeting drug trafficking across the country, according to an ANF spokesperson.

In a significant seizure, around 157 kilograms (kg) of hashish were recovered from two vehicles in Indus Chowrangi, Karachi. Authorities made three arrests, detaining locals from Karachi and Qila Abdullah, the spokesperson disclosed.

In a separate operation near the M1 Toll Plaza in Islamabad, authorities confiscated 72 kg of opium and above 61 kg of hashish. The offenders, a man from Lahore and a woman from Sheikhupura, are now in custody, the spokesperson added.

Further drug recoveries include 2.4 kg opium from an accused party in T Chowk Islamabad, 2.4 kg of hashish from a resident of Khairpur, and 6 kg of hashish from a passenger bus near Sher Shah Toll Plaza, Multan.

The culprits, including a woman from Multan, were subsequently detained, the ANF spokesperson said.

From the Zarobi Zakha Khel area in district Khyber, the ANF recovered 3.25 kg of methamphetamine commonly known as ‘ice’.

During two operations at Peshawar Airport, two locals from Bannu were arrested after authorities allegedly detected three capsules of hashish weighing over half a kg in the stomach of one and two capsules of methamphetamine weighing 106 grams in the guts of another. Both the suspects were en route to Sharjah. 

Investigations have begun under the Anti-Narcotics Act against all suspects in custody, confirmed the ANF spokesperson.

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