PM performs ground breaking of 1200MWs Chashma-5 nuclear power plant

MIANWALI: In a bid to address the energy crisis in Pakistan, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has initiated the construction of the 1200 megawatts Chashma-5 nuclear power plant in Mianwali.

The new project is a continuation of nuclear energy cooperation between Pakistan and China spanning three decades and is set to cost USD 3.5 billion with a completion time of seven to eight years.

During the groundbreaking ceremony, Prime Minister Sharif highlighted the importance of the joint venture in promoting cleaner, more efficient, and comparatively cheaper energy. He also expressed gratitude towards China for providing a discount of PKR 30 billion on the project, a gesture he described as a symbol of the strong friendship between the two nations.

The Prime Minister also drew attention to the recently inaugurated K-3 nuclear energy power plant in Karachi, which is now operational and equipped with modern technology similar to the upcoming Chashma-5. He assured that safety arrangements at these facilities are of the highest standard, a claim endorsed by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Charge D’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy, Ms Pang Chunxue, noted that the Chashma-5 project will create over ten thousand local jobs and stimulate socio-economic development through the local purchase of raw materials, equipment, and related services. She also highlighted the success of China-Pakistan cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, which she said is continuously writing new chapters in their iron-clad friendship.

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