PTI chief summoned in Toshakhana case

imran khan

ISLAMABAD: A local court in Islamabad has summoned Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case on Thursday.

Additional District and Session Judge Humayun Dilawar would take up the case for hearing on Thursday.

Earlier, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) directed the trial court to adjudicate within seven days a plea of Khan who has pleaded to dismiss the Toshakhana reference against him.

Earlier, the trial court had turned down Khan’s request to dismiss the Toshakhana reference against him.

Khan had contended that the trial court dismissed his plea on flimcy grounds.

The IHC had asked the trial court to treat Khan’s petition as pending.

Toshakhana Case

In August 2022, National Assembly Speaker Raja Pervez Ashraf forwarded the Toshakhana reference to the Election Commission of Pakistan, seeking Imran Khan’s disqualification as member of the National Assembly.

In October 2022, the Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified Imran Khan in the Toshakhana case and deseated him as member of the National Assembly.

The Election Commission of Pakistan further called for legal action to be taken against him.

Allegations in the Tosha Khana case:

According to the reference, as the prime minister, Imran Khan received gifts worth Rs142.2 million from Toshakhana.

The reference states that Imran Khan paid Rs38.177 million for these gifts but failed to pay for gifts worth Rs800,000. Imran Khan also purchased a watch, cufflinks, a pen and ring by paying Rs22.7 million.

The reference says that the actual value of the watch acquired by Imran Khan was Rs8.5 million, the cufflinks were valued at Rs5.6 million, the pen at Rs1.5 million and the ring at Rs8.7 million.

According to the document, Imran Khan paid Rs294,000 for a watch worth Rs1.5 million, Rs1.7 million for perfumes, Rs3.38 million for watches, an iPhone, and suits, and Rs140,000 for wooden boxes, perfume bottles, and Tasbih.

It says that Imran Khan also bought a watch worth Rs1.9 million for Rs935,000, a diamond pendant worth Rs1 million, rings and bracelets worth Rs544,000, a watch worth Rs4.9 million and cufflinks and rings for Rs2.4 million rupees.

The ongoing legal proceedings in the Toshakhana case will continue to be closely watched and the outcome of these proceedings will have implications for Imran Khan’s political career and the wider political landscape in Pakistan.

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