Raping of boys more prevalent in Punjab: report

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Trigger warning: Rape/Sexual Assault

PUNJAB: In a shocking revelation, a recent report issued by the Punjab Interior Department has revealed a significant rise in rape cases against boys compared to those against girls.

As per the data collected from January to June 15, 2023, the proportion of reported rape cases against boys stands at a staggering 69 per cent, while cases involving girls account for 31 per cent, as reported by Jang Urdu.

The report highlights Gujranwala as the region with the highest number of reported cases, underscoring the severity of the issue in the province.

On the other hand, Rawalpindi and Lahore register the lowest numbers, but the authorities stress that this does not diminish the gravity of the situation.

Worryingly, the data suggests that these distressing incidents might be only the tip of the iceberg, as numerous cases of violence against children remain unreported.

Fear and societal issues are identified as significant barriers preventing victims from coming forward and seeking justice.

The report further emphasizes that such heinous acts of violence often lead young victims towards isolation, with long-lasting emotional and psychological consequences.

It calls for urgent action to address this growing concern and provide appropriate support to victims and their families.

Various experts and child rights activists have expressed deep concern over the findings, urging the government and relevant authorities to take immediate and effective measures to protect vulnerable children.

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They stress that comprehensive awareness campaigns and educational programs should be launched to encourage reporting and eradicate the stigma associated with these crimes.

Civil society groups have also called for improved coordination between law enforcement agencies and social services to ensure that survivors receive the necessary care and legal assistance.

They said that addressing this issue requires a collective effort from all segments of society to create a safe environment for children, where they can grow and thrive without fear.


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