Govt to launch Rescue 1122 service for motorways

rescue 1122 emergency service for motorways

LAHORE: The Punjab government is set to launch the Emergency Rescue 1122 service on motorways this December, Provincial Minister for Specialised Healthcare, Khawaja Salman Rafique, announced.

This initiative aims to enhance emergency response times and provide immediate assistance to those in need on motorways.

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) will play a crucial role in training the rescue personnel, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle emergencies. Speaking at a meeting held at UHS on Monday, Minister Rafique underscored the value of leveraging universities as think tanks—a resource he noted has been under-utilised in the past. He said that UHS’s expertise and support would be continually sought for future initiatives.

Earlier in the day, Minister Rafique visited the UHS facilitation centre, where he was briefed by the Vice-Chancellor on the services provided to students. During his visit, the minister interacted with students and commended the university for the excellent facilities available to hundreds of students daily.

Minister Rafique lauded UHS for its exceptional services and spoke about his long-standing relationship with the institution. He highlighted the presence of 32 PhD faculty members at UHS and suggested that this number should be increased to further enhance the university’s academic prowess.

Additionally, he announced his plans to visit the university’s new campus next week.

This strategic collaboration between the Punjab government and UHS marks a significant step forward in improving emergency medical services on motorways, promising better preparedness and quicker response times to save lives.

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