Sale of animals at Karachi cattle market picks up the pace

KARACHI: With Eid-ul Adha just around, the cattle market on the Karachi Northern Bypass is flooded with buyers and sellers of livestock.

The impact of rising costs has prompted buyers to alter their focus while selecting sacrificial animals.

Sources said that the bustling cattle market showcases a breathtaking array of livestock, representing various breeds. The market, comprising 13 blocks, boasts separate tents dedicated to goats, cows, bulls, camels, and more. Each vibrant tent is adorned with a kaleidoscope of colours, featuring hues of red, orange, green, and blue.

Instead of fixating on weight, which has been overshadowed by economic constraints, citizens are now prioritizing the breed of the animals.

Notably, the available varieties include Brahman, Sahiwal, and Australian breeds of cows, while bulls are represented by Kamuri, Sindhi, Topri, and Pink breeds. The goat offerings encompass Desert, Cholistani and Sabi breeds.

To ensure the smooth operation of the bustling cattle market, stringent security measures have been implemented this year, as confirmed by Mutahir Chawla, a spokesperson for the Northern Bypass cattle market. Surveillance cameras have been installed at the Karachi Toll Plaza, and over 500 security personnel have been deployed to maintain the law-and-order.

“The heightened security measures enable citizens to visit the market with their families and freely explore the diverse livestock on display,” Chawla said, highlighting the importance of a secure environment for potential buyers.

Meanwhile, traders find themselves grappling with unprecedented expenses. One seller lamented that “Fodder prices have soared this year, and the cost of renting trawlers has doubled from Rs100,000 to Rs200,000.” Across the board, prices have experienced a significant surge.

Despite inflation and other challenges, Karachiites have managed to procure approximately 250,000 sacrificial animals so far this year, demonstrating their enduring commitment to their religious traditions.

The concerns of traders extend beyond rising costs, as rumors of robberies circulate throughout the market. Eager to ensure a safe and profitable experience, there is a rush among sellers to sell their animals within the week, enabling them to return to their villages and celebrate Eid-al-Adha with their families.

Amidst the backdrop of economic pressures and security concerns, the fervour surrounding the cattle market persists. The indomitable spirit of the citizens, coupled with the determination of traders, sets the stage for an eventful and impactful Eid celebration, as communities come together to fulfill their religious duties while navigating the challenges imposed by a changing economic landscape.

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