Tobacco traders must be licensed: Punjab govt

anti-tobacco legislation

LAHORE: The Punjab Excise Department has demanded stricter legislative actions around tobacco retail, in accordance with the Tobacco Control Act 1958.

Under the law, traders have to attain a license. A process of registration has now been initiated in Punjab, according to the department. The re-enactment and enforcement of vendor licensing policies can encourage vendors to comply with existing tobacco control regulations.

A fine of Rs100,000 has also been enforced for retailers who do not comply.

Punjab Excise Director General Muhammad Ali said that there are more than 25,000 business units in the province. The department aims to make Pakistan’s cities tobacco-free in the future, he said.

In Pakistan, tobacco use is responsible for an estimated 160,000 deaths per year, mainly due to tobacco-related illnesses.

Civil society organizations recommend retailer licensing as an effective tobacco control strategy worldwide. It can be a way to ensure compliance with laws and combat public health problems.

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