Wheat flour prices hit all-time high

LAHORE: Flour prices have spiked following a staggering surge in wheat prices across Punjab.

Sources said that new prices for both regular flour and fine flour have been implemented province-wide. The spike in flour prices can be attributed to the soaring wheat prices, leading to Rs100 increase per 20 kg bag of flour, now priced at Rs2,800.

Sources told HUM news that consumers will have to shell out Rs11,500 for a sack of fine flour. Meanwhile, in the open market, the cost of a 40 kg bag of flour has escalated to Rs4,700.

The Chairman of the Flour Mills Association, Asim Raza Ahmed, expressed concerns over the potential increase in the price of flour in the coming days. “The government should facilitate wheat imports to combat the influence of the wheat mafia,” he urged.

Owing to the exorbitant prices of wheat in the open market of Punjab, there is a slowdown in buying and selling, making small flour mill owners reluctant to purchase wheat at high rates.

According to a recent report by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the country’s federal agency responsible for data collection, the country has witnessed a record surge in flour prices.

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