PML-N’s solo flight in federal budget preparations irks PPP

federal budget

ISLAMABAD: In the lead-up to the federal budget announcement, serious reservations have emerged from the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz’s (PML-N) coalition partner Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), highlighting a lack of consultation and inclusion.

According to sources, senior PPP leader Khurshid Shah expressed complete lack of information on the proposed federal budget. In response to questions about the upcoming budget, he revealed significant communication gaps between the PML-N and its coalition partners.

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“What suggestions have been given to the government regarding the upcoming budget? Are you satisfied?” Shah was asked. He replied, “What kind of proposals, what kind of budget? The government has not informed us of anything, nor have we been taken into confidence.”

He criticised the lack of transparency, stating, “We have no knowledge of PML-N’s plans regarding privatisation policy, taxes, or the development program. We are unaware of how provincial shares are allocated in measures aimed at providing relief to the people, or what is new in the federal ministries’ plans.”

He further questioned the budget’s origin, asking, “We haven’t even been informed if this budget is being drafted by the government itself or if it is an IMF-imposed budget. The PPP has supported the government extensively, so what exactly has been done? Should we tell the public that we do not know?”

Khurshid Shah emphasised that the PPP would have to carefully consider its political stance on the budget. “We cannot silently support the government while witnessing the people being burdened by the budget. We have a manifesto, and our proposals should have been included in the federal budget. It is unfortunate that this was not done without the need for our input,” he lamented.

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The PPP’s dissatisfaction highlights a growing rift within the coalition, raising questions about the PML-N’s approach to budget formulation and its impact on coalition dynamics. – INP

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