Elon Musk launches ad revenue sharing for creators on Twitter

Twitter launched the new Creators Ads Revenue sharing programme for the eligible users on Thursday.

Earlier in June, Twitter owner Elon Musk had revealed that Twitter Blue subscribers will have the opportunity to sign-up for revenue sharing from ads displayed to other verified users in their tweet responses.

According to the media reports, the people who wish to participate in the program would have to meet creators monetisation standards set by Twitter.

Meanwhile, Benny Johnson, an American commentator having 1.7 million followers on twitter, recently apprised his followers about the programme, highlighting the prerequisites for the monetisation.

Johnson told the individuals to complete the application form found within the Twitter Blue tab. Eligibility requirements for the programme includes having an active Twitter Blue subscription, a functional Stripe (online payment processing software) account for payment processing, and the maintenance of an average of 5 million tweet impressions over a span of three months.

Johnson highlighted that this change will incentivize creators to stay active on the platform, monetise their work, and receive support for its growth. He said that the new revenue programme would enable the creators to explore opportunities by potentially hiring teams to foster content production.

Meanwhile the US news agency Social Media Today said that the exact earning potential for users in the programme remained uncertain at the stage but had the potential to generate a significant income for top creators on the platform, which could be one of the initial objectives.

The ad revenue sharing programme poses a challenge for creators from Pakistan as Stripe, the payment processing software, does not support any banks in Pakistan. As a result, even with a substantial following, Pakistani creators would not be able to benefit from the monetisation programme.

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