Inactive Google accounts to be deleted from Dec 1


WEB DESK: Google users with inactive accounts for over two years are now receiving email warnings, notifying them of the impending permanent deletion of their accounts starting December 1, 2023, if they fail to log in.

According to Digital Trends, the move is in line with Google’s policy change, announced earlier this year, targeting accounts that pose security threats due to prolonged inactivity.

The alerts, which come as no surprise, follow Google’s May announcement that dormant accounts are vulnerable to security risks. Google’s revised policy stipulates that accounts inactive for two years or more will face termination.

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Notably, the deletion of the account will result in the permanent loss of all critical Workspace (formerly G Suite) services associated with it. This includes emails, media stored in Photos, files in Drive, Docs material, and Keep notes, among other items.

The account deletion process is scheduled to commence in December 2023, with multiple warning messages sent to account owners in advance. Google will implement the deletion process gradually, starting with accounts that were created but never used.

Saving your Google account

Users at risk of account deletion will receive multiple alerts in their Gmail inbox months before the scheduled deletion. Additionally, a warning message will appear in the inbox of another account designated as the recovery email address.

Google outlines a flexible definition of “activity” to prevent account deletion. Users can confirm activity by simply opening their Gmail inbox and reading an email. Alternatively, logging in with the at-risk Google account on Drive, watching a YouTube video, downloading an app from the Play Store, performing a Google Search, or using the Google account sign-in feature for any third-party service will also suffice.

To meet Google’s criteria for an active account, users can engage in the following activities:

1. Making a purchase of a current or ongoing Google product, app, service, or subscription using the Account.

2. Owning a gift card with a monetary balance linked to the Google Account.

3. Owning a published application or game on the Google Play store with active subscriptions or financial transactions associated with it.

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