Royal family ‘quite concerned’ over Harry’s possible new book

Harry loses case

LONDON: Prince Harry has enough material to write a second book which he could use as a bargaining tool against the royal family, a royal expert claimed.

Following the release of his bombshell memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex could reveal more secrets about the royal family, biographer Angela Levin said, adding that the royal family is “quite concerned” about this.

Earlier, Prince Harry had himself said that he has enough material edited out for a second book during an interview to promote his memoir.

“Harry hasn’t run out of material. He’s using that as a sort of bargaining piece. He said that he’s got enough for a second book. I think he could say all sorts of things about security. Things he’s heard. A little row between King Charles and Prince William. All sorts of things like that,” Angela Levin said.

“He seems to have an extraordinary memory. And I think the royal family is quite concerned about that,” the expert added.

Angela Levin, who wrote ‘Harry: Biography of a Prince’ also said that she thinks that people may not be interested in the revelations that Prince Harry would make.

“I think people have had enough of it. Not just people who don’t like the royal family, but people who think that’s not the way to deal with anybody’s family,” she said, even though ‘Spare’ did extraordinarily well with over 3.2 million books purchased worldwide.

The royal biographer also commented on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s future plans as the couple continue to face professional backlash for reportedly not fulfilling the terms of their Netflix and Spotify contracts.

Angela Levin called Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lives a “complete mess.” “Every day, something else comes up. Their new PR says she [Meghan] has to leave the Sussex problem behind and do things herself. Harry is reportedly going to Africa [to work on a new Netflix documentary] following in his mother Princess Diana’s footsteps,” the expert said, adding, “Now that’s changed. Meghan is going with him.”


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