Scientists develop robot capable of ‘breathing, walking and shivering’ like humans

WASHINGTON: Just when you thought artificial intelligence had reached its peak, scientists have surprised us yet again by developing the world’s first-of-a-kind robot that is capable of ‘breathing, sweating and shivering’ like humans.

‘Andy’ is one of the 10 bots developed by the US firm Thermetrics. It will help researchers at the Arizona State University to better understand the effects of high temperature on the human body, according to English newspaper Daily Star.

Andy has 35 pore-like openings that produce sweat in the same way as humans do.
According to media reports, the robot is also equipped with a system that enables it to generate body heat and move.

Experts are experimenting on it to investigate the effects of extreme temperatures and solar radiation. The hope is that the research will help in the development of thermal protective clothing and technologies to prevent against conditions like heat strokes.

The research is also expected to help in paving way for the treatment of diabetes. Experts say the body temperature control mechanism of diabetic persons does not function in the same manner as healthy people – something that will be taken into consideration during their research.

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