FACT CHECK: Javed Akhtar Khan Lund was never declared the winner on NA-184 or PP-286

PP-286 NA-184


Javed Akhtar Khan Lund has, in a video posted on X, claimed that he was declared the winner of the national assembly constituency NA-184 and provincial assembly constituency PP-286. The candidate he is terming to be the winner has also not won from either of the constituencies.


Javed was never declared the winner. In fact, he was not even the runner-up in either of these constituencies. On PP-286, he was the third in ranking and on NA-184 he was tenth in ranking. On both the constituencies, the winning candidates as officially declared by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) belong to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).


In a video posted on X by media platform Naya Pakistan, Javed can be heard saying “I have been forcibly declared as the winner, even though, my opponent Sardar Farhat Abbas (PTI-backed candidate) had won. Forcibly defeating the winner is an insult to the people’s mandate. Congratulations to the candidate.”

However, a quick look at the Form-47 of both the constituencies show that Javed was never declared the winner as he was nowhere close to the winning position. Furthermore, the candidate that he congratulated (Sardar Farhat) was also not declared the winner by the ECP.

On NA-184, PML-N candidate Abdul Qadir Khan was declared the winner with 110,999 votes, and on PP-286, PML-N candidate Salah-ud-Din Khan Khosa was declared winner with 37,513 votes.

As opposed to this, Javed only got 507 votes on NA-184 and 17,265 on PP-286.


The post quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of views with many people sharing the video. Even some renowned Youtubers and shared the post. Some examples can be found here, here, here, here, here.


After confirming from the official data shared by the ECP, it can be safely concluded that Javed was never declared the winner, mistakenly or otherwise and his claims in the video are false.

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