Four labourers killed in Turbat


TURBAT:  In a shocking and distressing incident, four individuals, including laborers and a police officer, lost their lives in a violent shooting episode that unfolded in the Nasarabad area of Turbat.

The victims were mercilessly attacked while they were asleep, adding a grim chapter to the city’s recent security concerns.

According to official police reports, the assailants barged into the location where the laborers were resting, catching them off guard.

The police, swiftly responding to the distress call, have collected crucial evidence from the scene and swiftly transported the deceased bodies to the nearest hospital.

Tragically, all four victims were pronounced dead at the scene of the crime, leaving their families and the community in a state of shock and mourning. The slain police officer, who had been assigned to safeguard the laborers, also fell victim to the heinous attack.

Six labourers killed in Turbat shooting

The perpetrators, who callously fled the scene after the attack, are currently being pursued by law enforcement agencies.

This event marks the second such tragedy to strike Turbat this month. Only two weeks ago, six construction workers met a similar fate in a pre-dawn attack on their camp in the vicinity of Turbat, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced security measures in the region.

 Local authorities and law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to bring those responsible to justice and prevent such distressing incidents in the future.

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